Riding Sketchy Lines with Phil at the Megacavern

Today, Skills with Phil and I visit the Louisville Mega Cavern in Kentucky, a 3 million square foot facility built inside of a manmade cavern. Within this cavern is a 320,000 bike park with jump lines, singletrack, and everything you could ask for!

To my eye, the jumps are more BMX centric, while the singletrack is clearly XC. Trail bikes are sort of out of place at the Mega Cavern. This may have been why Phil and I had so much fun.

If you're a good jumper you can ride everything here on a full suspension trail bike, but hardtails and dirt jumpers are really what shine here.

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The Singletrack Sampler rides the Mega Cavern

Kevin made a video here too

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Here's a build on the Singlespeed hardtail from that day

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    mtb_for_ life9 kuukautta sitten

    Come to Texas and ride north shore mtb trail loop6-7 are super technical It’s in the Dfw area

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    Joel CartwrightVuosi sitten

    Best thing about you Seth is if you fall of you try harder the next time

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    What is your favourite bike

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    [Hi I’m _ Chainlii]19 päivää sitten

    When the weather is being a rat in soup i just ride, Roses are red Violets are not blue Rain can’t hurt me And it can’t hurt you *forgets the fact that rain is gonna be cold epicly*

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    Beerenmüsli23 päivää sitten

    Awesome Video!!!!

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    Chance Tatro23 päivää sitten

    haha no way i went there when they were building that track

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  14. Tiffany Elisabeth

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    So Thaaats what they built under the walmart... Hah.. And we all thought it was a classified FEMA, doomsday conspiracy.... 🤦🏽😂

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    Rip to the person at 2:08 who was left hanging

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    I live in Nor Cal where the weather is always cooperating. ;-)

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    2:09 I think the kid went for a high five

  24. Forzysen

    ForzysenUukausi sitten

    when the weather is good, I go bike riding to the lakes with my friends. There is a forest surrounding it and even a mountain bike trail in it! The forest is a bit small yet feels spacious inside the trail

  25. Player1 gaming BTW

    Player1 gaming BTWUukausi sitten

    when its raining i disconnect all of the brakes and shifters and the dropper from my enduro bike and lay on my back doing bar spins and other tricks

  26. TheExtremaz

    TheExtremazUukausi sitten

    This looks like so much fun! I hope we have something like this in Sweden. I started following u like 3-4 weeks ago and have watched alot of your vids! I have a mtb that i drive around with on some gravel roads and some paths in the forest. But never been anything quite serious, until now. I have upgraded my bike to better grips, and pedals and attached a new waterbottle :) Time to start learning. I have seen your vids on bunnyhop and 360, that i will practice this summer.

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  31. Phillip Schulz

    Phillip Schulz2 kuukautta sitten

    bike ramp area was closed about a year after this video. I went about a month ago expecting a great time and it was completely shut down due to so many injuries from beginners. they have a bike tour, which is good for basic family fun that is flat ground only but don't go expecting these jumps.

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    You guys should do S.K.A.T.E.

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    I went there on a fireld trip

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    Owen C2 kuukautta sitten

    Up here in New Hampshire we ride all winter long. Don't need no fancy rock cave

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    What's sad is uk things used to live there but are now gone.

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    Ride Rays in CLE

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    I always ride outside, it's the Netherlands. The weather's almost never right, it always has just rained, is raining, or will rain soon. so you just gotta go and do it, if you wait until the weather is nice you will sit inside almost all days of the year.

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    When it gets cold I take my bike on the frozen river

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  55. DFW rider

    DFW rider4 kuukautta sitten

    @Matthew P oh no

  56. Matthew P

    Matthew P4 kuukautta sitten

    they closed the bike park 2 years ago

  57. Rowan Adams

    Rowan Adams5 kuukautta sitten

    In the very beginning you drove past taylor enterprises which is where I work in the summer

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    I want to go, but way too far.

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    brayden ledbetter5 kuukautta sitten

    i have been watching your videos for abt a year and this christsmas i just got my first mtb and im really exited to take it to a trail

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    dude i was done with the step up no footed can can. We have an mtb channel on facebook i want to start linking to youtube. hope you will enjoy


    RUSSIAN ROMAN6 kuukautta sitten

    Trust me the jumps there are a "LITTLE" bit bigger than it looks

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