What could go wrong? Riding mountain bikes with an RC car

Yes, I know nobody asked for these RC videos. I think I got it all out of my system for the time being. Today, we attempt to jump a mountain bike and RC car over a tabletop at the same time. It turns out that this isn't nearly as easy as sending the car or bike alone, as they actually travel at different speeds to clear the same jump. After some technical problems and a steep learning curve, we finally figure out that a bigger battery makes it much easier to time.

Here's the car Traxxas sent us
If you're interested in the Maxx, just go to your local hobby shop and they will probably have it. You'll also need a charger, battery, and probably some tools. This thing is an absolute beast! It might need a little polishing after landing upside down about 300 times.

Thanks to James from Squatch Bikes for driving squatchbikes , Elliot for riding smelliot12 , and Heather for shooting pictures heather_shr...

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    The shocks on the maxx where to soft that’s my almost every landing ended up flipping the car to fix this you can adjust the shock collars

  43. RC carnage

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    @bananas stuff the stiffer the shocks are the better the dampening is on harsh landings

  44. bananas stuff

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  49. Notsuoh

    Notsuoh4 kuukautta sitten

    oh and btw I race other people, pretty fun. there are some smaller gaps and some very big ones. when you aren't racing you can go in-between the tracks and flip over upside down cars. I'm lucky to have the track very close to where I am and a Traxxas store about an hour away. if you're thinking about getting one of these, I would recommend it. they are a bit pricey but I love them

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